Hello, I’m Fabio Catapano, designer, artist, coder, and creative.
I make experimental art to explore and express both the physical and the digital world. My favourite digital mediums include motion and interaction design as well as 2D and 3D programs and other forms of graphic design. My primary inspiration comes from a Japanese aesthetics concept called wabi-sabi, which regards the transient, such as nature, textures, and light, and the imperfect as beautiful.
I began my journey in digital design when I was sixteen and was first recognised a year later for an illustration I created for a national Italian magazine. Since then, I have been published in zines and art books and have been featured in museum exhibits in Rome and Naples.
A background as a UX/digital product designer informs my creative expression through my familiarity with different technologies and logical processes, but my creative instinct is always searching for spontaneity and newness. My passion for experimenting to bring the unexpected and the imperfect to art has led me in many exciting directions. I have transformed music into video expression, fabric into a purely digital medium, and ordinary objects into abstract shapes.
Recently, my experimental art, both still and moving images, have been featured in digital art exhibitions, branding projects, and music concert visuals.
My design studio, Studio Entropia, is where my current projects and collaborations live. I live and work in London.
To contact me about collaboration, please email ciao@fabiocatapano.it
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